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Terms And Condition

Thank you for choosing TranceRoutes for the best travel experience. We take all efforts to ensure that you have a warm and a delightful holiday and travel experience. We devote keen attention to every minute detail of your tour. At the same time, we request you to read and follow the below Terms and Conditions. In order to use this website you must give your unqualified consent to these terms and conditions and if you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions then you may not use this site in any way. Therefore, please make sure you read the terms and conditions very carefully to avoid any misunderstanding and ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable tour.

Description & Commencement:

  • These Terms and Conditions be called TranceRoutes Travel N Services LLP (Domestic and International Tourist) Terms and Conditions.
  • TranceRoutes Travel N Services LLP will be hereinafter referred as “TranceRoutes”, “the Company”, “we”, “us” or “our” and its users will be hereinafter referred as “Guest”, “them” or “they”, “You”, “Your”.
  • Terms & Conditions extend to all Domestic as well as International Tours, Customized Holidays & also Corporate Tours organised by TranceRoutes Travel N Services LLP.
  • Foreign Exchange: For currency exchange from TranceRoutes Travel N Services LLP. The terms and conditions will be as per RBI & GOI rules. Kindly refer to our website for details.
  • By using our website, you confirm your agreement to the website’s terms of use, and you undertake to comply with them.


In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires

  • TranceRoutes Travel N Services LLP works under brand name ‘TranceRoutes’, therefore, both these names will be considered one and same and used synonymously therein.
  • Guest/s means all the customers, tourists, travellers, vacationers, sightseers, visitors, backpacker who have registered their names or enquired about tour/package or booked the tour by making part or full payment for any scheduled tours, customized packages or any other travel related services provided by TranceRoutes (which expression shall, unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof be deemed to mean and include their respective heirs, executors and administrators)
  • Tour/s mean any Domestic/ International Tours organized by TranceRoutes.
  • FIT means Free Independent Travel and GIT means Group Inclusive Tour.
  • Customized holiday means a tailor-made holiday wherein Tour Itinerary is designed as per the individual requirements of each guest.
  • India Inbound means tours designed for non-residents to explore the states of India and Indian Subcontinent.
  • Speciality tours include tours like Honeymoon Special, Women’s Special, Seniors Special, Singles’ Special, Weekend Special, Students Special, Post Tour Holidays and Festival Holidays.
  • Corporate tours (MICE) means specialized niche of group tourism dedicated to planning, booking, and facilitating meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, and other events.
  • Contractor/ Supplier means supplier of any infrastructural facility and shall include hotel managements, airlines, caterers, restaurants, places of entertainment like theme parks, museums, art galleries, cruise, coach who are to provide the services to the Guests.
  • Tour price means the tour price mentioned in the Price Grid / brochures / online and other payments such as taxes, surcharges, etc. payable by the client to TranceRoutes.
  • First day of the tour shall start at any time (i.e. in the morning / afternoon / evening) at the first destination depending on the arrival of the respective flight/train/cruise or any other mode of transport and the same shall be in case of the last day of the tour. In other words, a 'Day' shall mean a part of the day or 24 hours or its part thereof.
  • Force Majeure means an event or circumstance not within the reasonable control, directly or indirectly, of TranceRoutes in its ability to perform its obligations/ responsibilities regarding the tour including
    • war, hostile invasion, act of foreign enemies;
    • rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power or civil war;
    • epidemic, explosion, fire, flood, earthquake or other exceptional natural calamity and act of God;
    • ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel, or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel, radioactive toxic explosive, or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component of such assembly;
    • riot, commotion or disorder;
    • any act or omission of any Government instrumentality;
    • a change in Legal Requirements;
    • strikes, lockouts or other industrial disturbances; &
    • abnormal weather or sea conditions including tempest, lightning, hurricane, typhoon, rain & temperatures.
  • Extra Mattress means roll away mattress which is on floor. (For domestic tour, extra mattress & for international tour, extra bed)
  • Brochure means printed brochure, Website, itinerary, leaflets, booklet, Price Grid.
  • Website means www.tranceroutes.com
  • Web pages means pages on the Website www.tranceroutes.com
  • Jain Food means food without onion, garlic served at the time of tour groups meals and not necessarily before sunset, it may or may not be served on the table.
  • Meal Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner (they are pre-set menus) and/or any other snacks (dry or wet) supplied.
  • Tour Manager / Leader/ Escort / Assistant: A Person designated by Company to help / guide / assist the guest/s in and or during India and / or World Tours Organized by TranceRoutes.
  • Gender - The masculine gender shall also include feminine gender and vice versa, the singular shall include plural and vice versa and shall include grammatical variations if any.
  • Each of these terms and conditions shall be severable and if any provision thereof is declared invalid, illegal or unenforceable, then remaining provisions nevertheless shall have full force & effect.
  • VISA means a Certificate issued or a stamp marked (on the applicant’s passport) by the immigration authorities of a country to indicate that the applicant’s credentials have been verified and he or she has been granted permission to enter the country for a temporary stay within a specified period. (Note: The Company does not have any role to play for issuance / rejection of Visas other than being a facilitator).
  • Cancellation Policy means and includes all the cancellation charges levied by the company from time to time, third party cancellation charges etc.
  • Visa Cancellation Policy means and includes all the cancellation charges levied by the company from time to time arising out of non – granting / delayed granting of visa by the concerned Consulate due to any reason.
  • Jurisdiction means the geographical area over which a court or government body has the power and right to exercise authority. Parties hereto agree to confer exclusive Jurisdiction to Mumbai Courts / Forums.
  • Terms and Conditions means these terms and conditions and includes Booking criteria, Tour Payment, Booking Form, Web Pages, Brochure, Cancellation Policy, Itinerary and other documents as may be notified from time to time.

Cancellation Policy:

All bookings made on TranceRoutes are subject to cancellation charges levied by the airline, which may vary by flight and booking class.

Some booked fares may be non-refundable as per the specific airline's policy.

Cancellation procedure:

1. If you wish to cancel your air tickets within 48 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure, please send us an email on flights@tranceroutes.com

2. For cancellation within 24 hours before departure call us on +91-8709322511

3. For cancellation within 6 hours before departure, you'll need to contact the airline directly to get your reservation cancelled. We will not be able to provide any assistance for these cancellations. TranceRoutes cancellation charges: In addition to the airline cancellation charges, TranceRoutes will charge Rs 250 per passenger per sector for each cancellation.


1. Every booking made on TranceRoutes is subject to amendment charges levied by the airline, which may vary by flight and booking class.

2. If you amend your booking, you will be charged the difference in fare, if any, applicable when the amendment is made. However if the new fare is lower than the Original fare, difference in the amount will not be refunded, but the rebooking charges as applicable will be collected.

3. In addition to the airline's amendment charges, TranceRoutes charges an amendment handling fee of Rs 250 per passenger per sector.

4. We'll collect these charges from you when we make the changes to your travel plans. We'll also collect the difference in fare, if any, applicable when the amendment is made.

5. Depending on the airline's policy, some booked fares may not be amended.

6. All bookings made through us, can also be amended by calling up the Airline Call Centre directly.


Unless expressly stated otherwise, it is mandatory to contact TranceRoutes for refunds and the airline will route the refund for your tickets booked on the website, through TranceRoutes.

The above mentioned cancellation process and refund processing time may vary.

Airlines Schedule Changes/Flight Cancellations

Airline Policy on Schedule Changes:

Every airline has different rules and policies regarding schedule changes.

What is a schedule change or cancellation; Why does this happen?

Due to the operational needs of each airline they often make changes to the flights that they are currently operating. Often these changes are a prediction of travel needs for a future dates but can also reflect same day changes. Types of changes could be: flight number changes, time changes, routing, date changes and or cancellations.

What are Cancellations?

When an airline has stopped or temporarily cancelled service to certain cities or has stopped service on certain days of the week.

Reasons for Cancellations or Schedule Changes:

  • Peak or high travel seasons

  • Low travel season

  • Airport Terminal or Gate changes

  • Fuel Prices

  • Civil Unrest

  • Acts of God - volcano, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.

  • Bankruptcy

TranceRoutes does not assume any liability whatsoever for cancelled flights, flights that are missed, or flights not connecting due to any scheduled changes made by the airlines.

Our policy on schedule changes:

We make every attempt to notify the customer of any schedule changes. It is always best to contact the airline to reconfirm you flights within 72 hours of departure.

Prior to Departure

If an airline has made a change to any of its flights and such changes are within a 4 hour period of your original flight times, airline will notify you of such change by SMS. For all such changes within a 4 hour period, tickets will remain non-refundable. Certain ticket types may be non-refundable even when the schedule change is over 4 hours. TranceRoutes does not assume any liability whatsoever for cancelled flights, flights that are missed, or flights not connecting due to any scheduled changes made by the airlines.

Date of Departure

If you have already arrived at the airport you will need to speak with an agent at the airline counter. During severe weather, options may be limited and although it is sunny where you are there may be bad weather at your destination or connection cities. You should always check the airlines website and weather channels for airport updates. It is always best to contact the airline if it is the date of departure.

Customer's Obligations:

It is always important for the customer to reconfirm their flights with the airlines 24 to 72 hours prior to departure, especially if they are already traveling. Customers should periodically check emails for updates regarding flight schedules and respond in a timely manner.

How is customer notified?

We have already provided your contact number to airline and any schedule change is notified by SMS directly by the airline. In these cases if you do not contact either Tranceroutes or the airline prior to your departure you may miss your flights, lose the value of your tickets, and possibly miss your travel days by 1 or 2 days or even weeks before the airline can accommodate you.

What services do we provide?

Once you have contacted TranceRoutes we will contact the airline on your behalf and try to come to a resolution. In some cases the only resolution may result in cancellation of the flight and refund. What happens if the customer does not full-fill their obligation?

  • They may miss their flight

  • Lose the value of their reservation

  • Options may not be available

  • Lose the value of land package

What happens if they cannot be re-protected?

We will make every attempt to get the airlines in question to re-protect the customer. It ultimately depends on the airline or airlines involved. If the airline is unable to re - protect the customer we will request a refund which is not guaranteed until agreed by the airline. 

What help can we provide them in case of flight cancellation?

  • Contact the airline

  • Find flight options

  • Discuss refund options

Multiple Airline Itineraries

If your itinerary includes flights operated by more than one airline, please read carefully each such airline's terms and conditions, which can be found on each such airline's website. Each such airline will have its own restrictions, rules and fees. If one of these flights is affected by an airline change (e.g. cancellation or rescheduling) that causes a Customer to make changes to the other flight, the Customer may be responsible for any fees or ticket cost incurred for making changes to the unaffected flight. Such airlines may charge their own fees for changes, refunds, or if exchanges are requested. You are responsible for complying with each airline's terms and conditions, which may differ (for example, check-in times and limits on baggage size/weight). It is advisable you print your outbound and return portions of your e-ticket confirmation for all flights prior to travelling. You may be asked for proof of your return ticket at check-in.

Itinerary Re-confirmation

It is the responsibility of the traveller who has booked with to review and reconfirm names, dates, flight numbers, airlines, routing including any airport changes, are in accordance and acceptance of the traveller.

If you discover any discrepancy in your itinerary, you are requested to immediately contact a TranceRoutes customer service agent within 2 hours from the time the booking was completed. If you fail to contact us by phone within 4 hours of completing the booking, we shall consider the booking you have made to be acceptable to you and we do not assume any liability thereafter for any discrepancy in your booking.

You are requested to review and save the itinerary.

Fare hike while booking

If there is a change in the price of air fare or any other change, you will be notified of this change and only upon such notification you have the right to either accept or decline this transaction. If you elect to decline this transaction, you will not be charged.

Seats, Meals, Frequent Flyer & Other Requests

Please note your seat, meals, frequent flyer & other special requests are a request only. The airline reserves the right to apply any revisions to the requested seat allocation without notification. All requests should be verified with the Airline. We do not guarantee you will be assigned the seat you have requested.

We also do not guarantee that your meal, frequent flyer & other special requests will be confirmed by the airline. It is therefore recommended you contact your airline directly to confirm these requests.

Baggage Policy on Connecting Flights

When there are two or more airlines involved for connecting flights then you may have to reclaim your bags at the connecting airport and check-in again to continue your journey. You are also advised that in these cases if you have excess baggage, you will have to pay any excess baggage fee assessed by each airline.

These fees are to be paid directly to airline upon using such service. We recommend you contact the airline directly for the latest fees on check baggage and policy as it relates to baggage.

Visa and Entry Requirements

All customers are advised to verify travel documents (transit visa/entry visa) for the country through which they are transiting and/or entering. TranceRoutes will not be responsible if proper travel documents are not available and you are denied entry or transit into a Country.

TranceRoutes’s sale of tickets to you does not imply any guarantee of passenger's ability to enter the country of destination. Traveller understands that TranceRoutes accepts no responsibility for determining passenger's eligibility to enter or transit thru any specific country. Information if any given by TranceRoutes employee must be verified with Government proper authorities and such information does not constitute any TranceRoutes's responsibility.

Human Error

If any of our agents make a mistake or any other human error is made in the booking process we shall make reasonable attempts to rectify these errors at the time of occurrence. TranceRoutes stands committed to providing compensation up to a maximum of the entire service fees that TranceRoutes has collected for.

You must notify us of errors within 4 hours of receiving your itinerary. Beyond this 4 hour period, TranceRoutes will not be responsible for these errors.

General Restrictions

All flights should be confirmed with the airline directly as they may have last minute schedule changes. We recommend that you do so at least 24 hours prior to departure for domestic flights (72 hours for flights to Hawaii and international destinations).

In most cases, upgrades and standbys will not be permitted.

Many of our discounted tickets do not allow for frequent flyer mileage accrual.

Seat assignments will be made at the airport on the day of departure or by contacting the airline directly. Tickets will not be sold to unaccompanied minors age 18 and under. Tickets may be purchased for minors age 18 and under; however, they must be accompanied by an adult when traveling.

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